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The New

Concept School

The Institute of Positive Education, INC. (IPE) founded its preschool, New Concept School (NCS), in 1974. It offers academic and cultural development for children ages 2 1⁄2 to 5 years old. Our curriculum is designed to foster team work and to challenge the academic, social and physical development of our students as well as promote our heritage as African people.

Student daily instruction includes lessons planned to teach STEM; critical thinking skills; and the exploration of learning centers that involve dramatic play, sand and water play, blocks, art, and music.

Academics: Science, Geography, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Field trips to museums, zoos and other Chicagoland attractions enhance what the children learn in the classroom.

Enrichment: Dance, Drumming, Art, Gardening and Sustainable Living, Music, Foreign Languages and more.


Culture: Students are taught cultural awareness and diversity to help them appreciate traditions, values, and differences in all people.


Healthy Meals: Healthy vegetarian meals are prepared on site and served daily.

Fitness: Students “Get Moving” through outdoor play and large motor activities. It is essential that they work their muscles large and small.


Safety and Security: Every child is signed in and out by family members or friends (age 18 & older) that have been designated by the parents or guardians on the pick-up list. New Concept School makes the safety and security of its students and families a top priority.

New Concept School is licensed by:
• The City of Chicago Department of Family and Support Services
• State of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services


Accredited by:
• The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC}.

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