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About the

Institute of Positive Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute of Positive Education (IPE) is to provide educational services and culturally relevant programs using African-centered themes that integrate skills intended to educate the “whole child”, enhance social skills, and inspire in our children a passion for learning. Our commitment is to improve competencies in reading, oral and written language, math, science, technology, and arts.

Institution Overview

Founded in 1969 as a non-profit, tax exempt, community service organization; the Institute of Positive Education (IPE) remains committed to providing African-Centered education to children and families located in the Greater Chatham Community of Chicago and surrounding areas. During its fifty years in service, IPE has operated a pre-school, elementary school, after-school programs, summer camp, a teacher training center, parent resource library, parent study groups, and a food co-op. IPE has also, published informative quarterly bulletins on education, technology, science, politics and literature.

IPE currently operates New Concept School (pre-school), IPE Unity/Nsoromma After-School Program at Betty Shabazz Academy and Barbara A. Sizemore Academy, and the Zaidi Shule Artist Summer Camp. These programs service the needs of working parents who desire academic and cultural enrichment activities for their children.

What is African-Centered Education?

African-Centered education is a holistic approach to meet students' intellectual, social, emotional and healthy physical development. It emphasizes positive identity development through traditions, rituals, values, and symbols. Africa's influences are integrated into all aspects of the curriculum, from science and mathematics to history, literature and the fine arts. African influences also shape the schools' practices to socialize students to love themselves and other people, to be disciplined and responsible, and to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Our Philosophy

There are a lot of issues that our community faces, not the least of which is public education. The Institute of Positive Education uses the principles found in African-centered education to bring residents together to identify issues and provide educational solutions. African-centered education is a holistic approach to meet students' intellectual, social, emotional needs. We also emphasize healthy physical development. IPE uses curriculum and strategies to support  positive identity development to help students understand their roles as citizens of the world and their power and influence on the world.

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