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The Bethune Institute for Robust Teaching

We are pleased to report that the Institute of Positive Education (IPE) and UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) will be partnering in the execution of The Bethune Teacher Training Institute 2023. The Bethune Teacher Training Institute invites teachers and instructional coaches citywide to the University of Chicago campus. Participants will receive continuing education credits from the University of Chicago at no cost. The training institute is being funded by the Christopher Family Foundation and IPE with additional in-kind contributions from UTEP.

We are encouraging cohorts of teachers from schools within the south side of Chicago to join our program. In addition to the training classes, we will also host quarterly meetings with participants to continue investigating their instructional practices and its impact on children. Through this cohort model, we will encourage and support teacher groups in planning publications to document their work and presentations at practitioner conferences.

Summer 2023 Institute

Schools are wrestling with how to support students in light of the challenges the COVID pandemic has posed. These include social-emotional challenges along with academic challenges.  The Institute will focus on expanding teachers’ content knowledge in the areas of literacy, mathematics, and social studies, including the pedagogical implications of such content knowledge as well as the demands of addressing children’s developmental needs in tandem.


Professional Development

  • The demands of deep conceptual knowledge in the content areas: literacy across the curriculum, mathematics, and social studies

  • Social and emotional well-being embodied in the pedagogical practices of classrooms as well as school climate and culture

  • What it means to support identity development along multiple dimensions, in developmentally appropriate ways, rooted in children and families’ participation in routine cultural practices

  • Assessing these goals

  • Creating a school climate as a professional learning community

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